Tuesday, December 29, 2009

FW: [Nfb-krafters-korner] Overview of Tonight's Chat.

Hi Folks:

Just writing to give a short over-view of tonight's chat. Lucy, Carol and
myself called into the chat tonight and we talked for about an hour.

Carol told us about her Pen Friend and the different ways she has come up
with for using it in labeling her yarn and ways to reuse the little
stickies for recording notes. Carol also told us about a neat sounding
Inca loom that she got as a Christmas present. I told a little bit about
my bead loom and how it works. Lucy talked a bit about her beading and
learning about beading through the classes given by Laurie.

We had a bit of a conversation about signing up for the Hairpin Lace class
that will be given next week and signing up for classes on the web site.
By the way, is it normal to be prompted to enter a password on the web
site? I am not prompted for a pswd, but Carol has encountered it.

I got my hairpin lace loom from Herrschners and its not like anything I
ever remember seeing. I'm looking forward to the class. Carol assures me
its not difficult.

While we were talking, a new person called into the chat looking for
information on signing up for the list. I think she told us her name was
Mary. She is interested in taking both knitting & crochet classes. She
has tried getting lessons locally, but is having some trouble getting good
explanations. We directed her to the web site and signing up for the
email list &/or contacting Joyce.

Well that's about it for tonight. Hope I didn't leave anything important

Hope to get to talk with more of you after the new year!

Happy crafting.