Thursday, January 14, 2010

last Monday night's chat Sendspace

Hi folks,

Last Monday night we ran through how to download class recordings from
send space. I have included a summary of how to do it and the recording of
last night's chat to practice on.

How to Download Class Recordings from

1. Access the class link to Sendspace link sent to your email address.

2. Press enter to open the link. Note, if the link doesn't open do the

A. place the cursor at the beginning of the link,Select the link by
pressing the shift and down arrow together

B. Press control C to copy it to your clipboard

C: Open the start menu with the windows key Select the letter R for the
run dialogue box

D: Press control V to paste the link into the edit box

E: Press Enter.

3. Once the Send space page has loaded, Press the down arrow key until you
find the Regular Download button and press enter.

4. Find the name of the file useing your links list command or use the
down arrow to find the name of the file and press enter.

5. A download box should appear asking if you want to run or save the
download. Note, this box comes up in both Internet Explorer or Mozilla.
The box should list what folder it will download into. Unless you specify
a different folder, your download by default will be My Documents or

6. Once the download is complete, find the file on your computer in it's
respective folder and press enter. Your player window should come up and
the recording should begin to play. If you have more than 1 kind of player
on your computer such as Windows Media Player or Winamp, you may get a
screen asking which player you want to use. Select the one you want and
press Enter.

You can move around in your respective players such as rewinding,
fastforwarding, and pausing in media player by pressing the alt key to
reveal the menu bar, use the right arrow to select the play menu then
press the down arrow to open the play menu, or press alt P to open the
play menu directly. The menu should display the various options and their
various shortcut strokes. Note, if you use These key strokes you do not
have to access the menu bar to do it. Control P toggles play and pause,
Control s stops it, control shift f fast forwards itt and control shift B

If you are using winamp, use the letter X to play, V to stop, hold down
left arrow and rewind and the righht to fast foraward and the letter C or
space bar to toggle pause and play. Please note, t you refer to your
manual for instructions. These are the commands for users of windows XP.
Since I have no experience with Windows 7 or Vista, I suggest you consult
your manual.

Here is the link to Monday night's chat you can use to practice on.

File Name: kk chat.mp3

Size: 10MB |

Download Link:

If the instructions are different using vista or windows 7, maybe someone
can volunteer to write a short step by step like I did here.